Types of Oral Appliances – Ballston Spa, NY

Devices Designed for Better Sleep

Each and every patient has different needs when it comes to their sleep apnea treatment, which is why we offer a variety of the highest-quality oral appliances available today. When you come to Integrative Sleep Center, Dr. Fred Dreher and our team will evaluate you and choose the oral appliance that will give you the most comfortable and the best results. If you have any questions or want to get your own oral appliance, simply contact our office today for a free consultation.

Why Choose Integrative Sleep Center for Oral Appliance Therapy?

  • Variety of Top-Quality Appliances Available
  • Appliances Customized to Your Unique Needs
  • Friendly, Caring, and Competent Doctor and Staff

SomnoDent® Sleep Appliances

SomnoDent sleep appliances work by slightly shifting the jaw forward to prevent the airway from becoming blocked during the night. Each and every appliance is custom-made to fit a particular patient’s teeth from durable, yet flexible plastic. This makes them extremely comfortable, and a patient will even be able to drink and speak normally while wearing it. They are also very effective, in that over 90% of the people who consistently wear them experience relief from their sleep apnea symptoms.

The Narval

The Narval appliance works using the same principle as the SomnoDent sleep appliance, in that it slightly shifts the jaw forward in order to keep the airway unobstructed through the night. What makes the Narval special is that it is made of especially lightweight materials. This makes it much more flexible than other oral appliances, and it even allows for a patient to sleep with their mouth completely closed. For those looking for maximum comfort with their oral appliance, the Narval is the best choice.

Herbst Appliance

The Herbst Appliance can be used to treat bruxism (teeth grinding) and TMD (chronic jaw disorders) in addition to sleep apnea. It allows for the greatest range of motion of any oral appliance, as it allows a patient to move their jaw both vertically and laterally. Due to this versatility, the Herbst appliance is one of the most widely used treatments in not just sleep dentistry, but general dentistry as well.